SAMSUNG 3.1.2Ch, Samsung Harman/Kardon Soundbar (HWQ70R)

2.9 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)


  • 3.1.2ch with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Support
  • Compatible with Alexa via Wi-Fi Connection
  • Immersive Sound with Samsung Acoustic Beam
  • Bluetooth and WiFi

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10 reviews for SAMSUNG 3.1.2Ch, Samsung Harman/Kardon Soundbar (HWQ70R)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Immersive sound and excellent clarity

    The audio engineers at Samsung/Harman Kardon have upped the anti in the Soundbar arena with the deployment of the HW-Q70R. While on the pricey side, the acoustics and immersive sound stage justifies the price tag. Having owned and compared numerous brands of audio equipment, I can unreservedly recommend this Soundbar to anyone who longs dynamic sound with a small speaker footprint.

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  2. 1 out of 5


    Fix HDMI Arc!

    I have a brand new Q70-49” tv paired to this brand new Q70R sound bar. Both updated with latest firmware. Sound bar will NOT work consistently over HDMI (plugged into Samsung ARC hdmi port). Sometimes it works great, sometimes tv defaults back to tv speakers and no matter how many times you change back to soundbar it is silent and eventually reverts back to tv speaker. Quite frustrated after spending this kind of money on a Q70 tv and Q70 soundbar.

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  3. 3 out of 5

    rider al

    Alexa linking is terrible

    As a speaker system, it’s great, for the money.
    However, linking with Alexa is terrible. No place, on the Samsung site or the internet, can I find a straightforward procedure to link the Q70R with my Alexa Echo. After much fiddling around and discovered I must use the Samsung Multi-room app? Why?? this shouldn’t be necessary. Also, “device discovery” by the old SmartThings app and the new version. name and treat the q70R differently. One says “Q70R” and the other “Samsung Soundbar

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  4. 1 out of 5


    Sound is good but everything else sucks!!

    I can’t connect to the wifi. I can’t connect to the samsung app. I have a samsung MU8000 tv and a samsung connect home pro and the soundbar just will not connect to wifi or the app. Plus I still have to use two remotes to watch tv. One to change inputs and the other to adjust the tv volume. It sucks that a $800.00 soundbar has so many issues

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  5. 2 out of 5


    Wish I didn’t have to write this.

    For sound, I’d give it a 3.5-4 star – the bass is great, the sound is pretty good, certainly doesn’t compare to a 5.1 system, even though I DO have the rear wireless speakers attached (yes, correctly). It’s got a great design and looks good on the tv stand.

    Where my problem comes in with this unit is the TV ARC connection. I’ve had multiple soundbars, including the HW-Q60r that I had purchased originally. Then the Q70r went on sale the next day and I exchanged the 60 for the 70. The 60 worked flawlessly with ARC, turned on every time, went to the right input (TV ARC). So, I installed the FIRST Q70r and it would turn on via ARC. However, it would always start at the HDMI source and not recognize ARC until I had to manually switch sources to D.IN/TV ARC. Then it works flawlessly. Turn off the TV, turn it back on, back to HDMI and I have to manually switch it again. By the way, I only have the ARC connected, no other sources. I called Samsung, they said that’s not supposed to happen, so I take it back and exchange it for another Q70r. Well, this one won’t even turn on via ARC (yes, I have the correct settings on the TV and anynet+ is on. For the price of the soundbar, I shouldn’t have to manually change sources each time I turn on the TV. Looks like this one will likely be going back as well, and I’ll have to look into other brands that can at least do the basic minimum like find the only active source. Really disappointed in this as I’m typically a Samsung fan. TV is a 80″ Sharp Aquos on which all other tested soundbars have worked.

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  6. 4 out of 5


    Nice sound

    Earlier this year I bought the Q70 Samsung T.V. and I bought this soundbar to go with it. It’s my first soundbar and I like it for a number of reasons. The sound is a big improvement over the T.V. speakers, and setting it up and operating is simple. I’ve got Comcast Xfinity and I can control the cable box, the T.V. and the soundbar all with the Xfinity remote which is nice, and there are some limited options for adjusting frequencies. The adaptive sound mode sounds like it has some kind of crystalizer effect, which I won’t try and explain but which makes audio sound a lot richer. Also all the sound modes allow you to tweak the bass.

    Some minor complaints are that 1). only standard mode allows frequencies tweaking, and it seems to lack the crystalizer effects of the adaptive sound mode so it’s not a mode I would normally recommend. 2). Adjustments to frequencies and the woofer are limited, and it’s a big subwoofer so it’s too bad you can’t crank up the bass beyond a few notches. 3). It’s expensive. 4). Only one HDMI input and no eARC HDMI.

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  7. 5 out of 5


    Amazing sound quality!

    The sound quality on this soundbar blew me away. The music feels so good. The spaciousness of sound is amazing! This soundbar is able to simulate 5.1.2 with just 3.1.2. Obviously, it can’t give the feel of an actual discrete 5.1.2 setup, but it does a good job. simple to setup if you follow the manual that comes with it. Update the firmware using Samsung smart things. Looks beautiful, works awesome and feels great. This is an awesome all-rounder setup especially for those who, like me, would like to avoid extra speakers all over the place. Btw there is also an option to buy and connect 2 rear speakers for enhanced Atmos/surround experience.

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  8. 5 out of 5


    My Q70 Review

    First, let me say this is my first foray into soundbars. I had a semi high-end component system (Yamaha, B&W speakers, two 12” subs, 800 watts RMS) that more than filled the 14’x20’ living room at our former house. But the living room in our current home just didn’t setup well for a component system. Thus, my search for a decent soundbar began. Now, just to clarify, I didn’t expect to find a sound bar that was equivalent to the component system I had. I don’t think that’s possible with any of the current offerings. I just wanted something that struck a good balance with sound, functionality and appearance.
    My quest began with a budget range of $700 – $1000. Yes, you can spend more, and the higher end systems do sound better to some degree, but as previously stated this was my first sound bar. I didn’t want to spend $1500 – $1700 on a system that, for me, was new and untested and I had little experience with. So, with my budget range set, off I went.
    My search began with research. Exhaustive, time consuming research pouring over specifications and details of systems from various manufacturers. After paring my list to the top three, The Q70 won out because it checked all the boxes and was also attractive because it looked like it would integrate seamlessly with my Samsung television (55″ Class KU6290 4K UHD TV), which it did.
    1. Build and Appearance. The sound bar is certainly not flashy (subtle is better) and looks to be well built. It feels solid, there are no rattles when you handle it or when it’s working, and it blends well sitting under the TV which is mounted on the brick wall above the fireplace. The sound bar sits on the mantle underneath.
    2. Ease of installation. It’s basically plug-and-play as far as to get it working. Everything connected or paired with no problems. Make sure the Anynet+ is on or enabled. The manual says it’s defaulted to be on, but mine wasn’t. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t inadvertently turn it off since you must hold a button down for 5 seconds to turn it off. The manual says this is needed for the ARC connection between the sound bar and your TV. A couple of other tips: Samsung suggests you select Dolby Digital on your TV for the best sound. Mine, a Samsung, either has PCM or Bitstream. There is no Dolby Digital selection. After some research I selected Bitstream. This made a difference in the sound. Also make sure that Dolby Digital is turned on in your satellite or cable receiver. Mine was not on. Probably due to the fact the receiver sat idle for some time during our move. Once it was turned on the sound improved, as one might expect. There was also a firmware update available. More on that later.
    3. The sound. I have to say the sound in our living room is better than I expected. The clarity of dialogue is better than the component system I had (that was hard to type). The sound stage is broad and filling with sound enveloping you. On a side note, the compatible surround speakers are worth the extra cost. Rounds out the system nicely, and since the system is surround sound ready, you have volume control built in. Samsung doesn’t state how many watts the amplifier is with the surround system, but if I had to guess I’d say somewhere in the 30 – 50-watt range. On this system the sound coming from the speakers is much louder than I expected, and of course they’re wireless.
    4. The subwoofer. The subwoofer is decent. Certainly not thunderous, but not too bad for an 8” 160-watt RMS speaker. To me the bass notes are warm, rich, blend well with the sound bar output and surprisingly good considering what I was used to. I ended up placing the sub tightly in a corner behind the recliner in our living room. Corner loading produced the best non-directional sound in our setup (Note: Once the Dolby Digital was turned on the output to the sub increased).
    5. Sound control. You have plenty of control over the sound. You can adjust the various volumes independent of each other and there is a dedicated subwoofer toggle on the remote. You also have separate bass and treble controls. There is also a 7-band equalizer which works in Standard mode, but not in Surround mode. I don’t know if it’s supposed to or not. Mine doesn’t. Maybe limited by the Surround function? It doesn’t really matter as the bass and treble adjustments are satisfactory. So far, the performance of the Q70 has been very good with pay-per-view movies, broadcast programming and movies, and music streamed from Pandora. As previously stated, the sound more than fills our 17’x19’ living room, with sound seemingly coming from all directions. I should point out our living room has a ceiling that angles up on both sides to flat area that is roughly 6-1/2’x17’.

    1. The manual could provide more information. The online version is slightly more informative, but only slightly. This was not a problem for me but could be for others.
    2. There is only one HDMI input. If I can add an HDMI switch which allows for an additional input for $30 dollars, how much would it have cost for Samsung to do the same? At this price point you’d expect at least two, if not three HDMI inputs.
    3. Connection to WI-FI. In order to connect to WI-FI you must download the SimpleThings app to your phone. Once you get it working then you can connect the sound bar to WI-FI. This is important for firmware updates which will happen automatically when they’re available. You can also get the updates on-line at Samsung’s website and install manually. In my opinion though, you shouldn’t have to download an app to connect the sound bar to WI-FI. Another thing about the app. I had to call Samsung to get it to work. Once downloaded you’re supposed to get an email to confirm your account. I never got the email despite several resend requests and uninstalling and reinstalling the app twice. A minor gripe.

    The bottom line is the Q70 works very well for us. This sound bar system can provide good sound, has good surround sound capabilities, is easy to install and use with only some minor negatives. If you’re in the market for a soundbar, I would recommend you give this one a listen. I hope this review is helpful for you and with your decision.

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  9. 1 out of 5


    Not Ready for Prime Time

    I’ve had the speaker system for several days. There is no online owners manual, there are no instructions on how to upgrade the firmware, and DTS and Atmos coded content shows a message as incompatible audio. I assume that some form of online help exists but I’ve been on hold with “a Care Pro” and can’t get any answers.

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