The Samsung Terrace: A Revolution in Outdoor TVs

In recent weeks, many people have been spending a lot more time in front of their TVs, and for good reason. According to Samsung, this is not the primary reason they have recently released the Terrace outdoor TV. But if you find yourself binge-watching a lot of streaming television while malls, movie theaters, and other such options are off the table, it might be a nice change of pace to take your watching habits outside.

And why not? Summer is here, and if social distancing guidelines are still in effect, it could be the best option. You could watch the sun go down during commercial breaks or simply enjoy the fresh air.

outdoor tv torontoThe Terrace 55 inch TV is rated dustproof and waterproof to IP 55. The company says it can withstand a light washing from low-pressure water. That means if you want to mount it on a patio, it’s best to protect it from a direct hit from hard rain. It should be able to endure anything less than a direct assault from a heavy downpour.

When it comes to looks, we haven’t seen anything like it. The unit is encased in a very handsome metal shell and the screen is quite impact resistant. The optional Bluetooth soundbar is also very rugged looking and is well suited visually for an outdoor environment. At 2000 “nits,” the screen can be made bright enough to outshine just about any glare, and the picture quality is excellent with Samsung’s Outdoor-Optimised QLED screen, 16X full direct array, and the wide anti-glare viewing angle.

We expect to see a lot of Samsung Terrace TVs in Toronto as buyers take a shine to building entertainment spaces outdoors. By this time next year, we think restaurants and bars will warm up to the idea as well.

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