"Hey Google, Activate Good Morning"

Introducing Google Home for Savant


Voice command via your Savant Pro Remote stands always at the ready. But there may be times when it’s more convenient to access your smart home features via your Google Home device. Savant and Google Home are completely compatible, so just say the word to set the Savant Scene perfectly. — All without lifting a finger.


For a Savant System to be able to function with Google Home, the following must be completed:
  1. A Savant Pro System running da Vinci 8.4 or higher.

  2. A Savant Pro App user linked to your account.

Please contact your Savant Authorized Integrator for more information about upgrading your home to da Vinci 8.4.


Google Assistant is built into many devices that you may already have. If you have Google Assistant already, check this out.

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Use Google Home if you have an iOS Device

The instructions below assume the following:
  1. You have a Google account already set up.

  2. You have a Savant Pro App Account set up.

Navigate to Home Control

  1. From your mobile device, select the Google Home icon.

  2. Select the menu icon.

  3. In the menu that opens, select Home control.

Add Devices

  1. Select the DEVICES tab if not already highlighted.

  2. Select the Add button from the Home Control screen that opens.

  3. Select Savant Systems from the Add Devices page that opens.

Login to Savant

  1. Enter your Savant Pro App login credentials and select LOGIN.

  2. Read the permissions screen and select ALLOW to the request if you agree.

Assign Rooms

  1. The devices in your Savant Pro system are automatically assigned to a room. To change the room assignment, select the edit icon and modify which room the device is assigned to. If the default rooms are OK, select DONE.

  2. In the "You're all set!" screen, select GOT IT. At this point, the Google Home device is now ready for commands.

  3. Speak any of the support Savant Actions to the Google Home device and verify the command is executed. Refer to the Supported Commands section below.